Grants to Individuals

Twice Yearly Grants to Older Ladies

  • Ladies must live alone (widowed, divorced, separated or single).
  • Ladies must be in receipt of State Pension and/or Pension Credit.
  • Ladies must have lived in a West Midlands county and no more than 60 miles from Birmingham Town Hall for at least 5 years.
  • Ladies’ income must be less than £188 per week.
  • Ladies' savings must be less than £10,000.
  • Ladies must have a bank, building society or post office account in their sole name which can accept BACs payments. Post office card accounts do not accept BACs payments and therefore cannot be accepted.

At the moment ladies receive £260 twice yearly.

All the above are subject to review at each Trustees’ Meeting.

Applications can be made by completing a simple form. Before applying, please read our Guidelines for Twice Yearly Grants to Older Ladies and Supplementary Guidance on Supporting Evidence.

The Charity prefers ladies to apply online through a referring body, for example Age Concern, Age UK, Citizens Advice or a Neighbourhood Office. Referring bodies will need to register before being able to submit online applications.

Register now as a Twice Yearly Grant Referring Body

Ladies receive two grants each year – one at the end of May (Spring) and another at the end of November (Autumn). Applications for the Spring distribution should be received by 15 March and for the Autumn distribution, by 15 September.

Referring Bodies can apply here for a twice yearly grant

On receipt of each grant, a short re-application form must be completed in order to qualify for a further grant. Re-applications will open again after the end of the next Trustees' Meeting at the beginning of June.

If a lady no longer qualifies for a twice yearly grant, referring bodies can let us know using this form.

Ladies who are unable to apply online through a referring body should contact the Charity at or telephone the office on 0121 236 8004 to request an application form.

Emergency Grants

Single ladies living alone or with their children and fatherless children living alone (children must be under 25 years old).

  • Applicants must live in a West Midlands county and no more than 60 miles from Birmingham Town Hall.
  • Applicants must be in reduced financial circumstances.
  • Applicants must not have received an Emergency Grant from us in the last five years.
  • Applicants must be able to provide documentary evidence that they have exhausted all possible support from public funds.

Grants are given mainly to help purchase an essential household item.

We do not accept applications directly from individuals.

We can accept applications from a wide variety of organisations including charitable organisations, health care and advice services, tenancy support, education services, NHS and primary care trusts. Applications are not accepted from metropolitan districts, unitary authorities, county councils, district councils or their council affiliate organisations.

​ Online applications must be completed by a support worker who is part of an organisation that is supporting the lady or children and is capable of assessing their needs. Referring Bodies must accept responsibility for administering and supervising the grant on our behalf.

Organisations will need to register before being able to submit online applications.

Please do not attempt to register if you are a council, council affiliate organisation or you are applying as an individual.

Register now as an Emergency Grant Referring Body

Applications may take 2–4 weeks to be assessed and are assessed in date order. 

The decision whether to award a grant is at the discretion of the Trustees of the Charity and there is no guarantee that a grant will be made.

Before applying, please read our Guidelines for Emergency Grants.

All possible support from public funds must have been exhausted before making the application.

Referring Bodies can apply here for an emergency grant